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Allamanda Coffee Blend


Allamanda Coffee Blend: Enjoy a journey of flavors with our Premium Coffee Blend, a masterful mix of the finest Caturra coffee beans from the Acatenango region of Chimaltenango. This blend delivers a rich flavor profile of milk chocolate truffles, ripe cherries, and sweet caramel.  Its smooth, velvety texture makes it the perfect choice forany time of the day. Savor every sip and let the aroma transport you to a place of Eternal Spring.

Bugambilia Coffee Blend


Bugambilia Coffee Blend: Crafted from the finest Red Bourbon beans of Antigua Guatemala, our Bugambilia Blend offers a sweet symphony of bread, molasses, and honey flavors. A perfect choice for any moment, this blend invites you to a world where every sip is a journey to sweetness and rich aroma. Indulge in each sip and allow the fragrance to whisk you away to the timeless haven of Eternal Spring.

Jacaranda Coffee Blend


Jacaranda Coffee Blend: A celebration of Guatemala'scoffee legacy, made with the finest Bourbon beans.Experience the luxury of sweet white sugar and dried fruitsaroma that transports you to Chimaltenango's soulfullandscapes.